PMS or Processed Mushroom Soil has been in Fertl Soil Products since 1925.  It has been the core ingredient in all of our products, but we always blended it with other products, like sand or peat.  Processed Mushroom Soil is the Aged Mushroom Soil; which at the aged stage it is not mushroom soil, but rather a hummus.  This product has been aiding in fine turf applications for almost 100 years.  Weather it is patching an area you can’t grow grass, or under a new sod application, or topdressing exisitng turf...we have a list of customers that have had great success with this product!

Golf Courses, Major League Baseball Fields, National Football Stadiums, Professional Soccer, Grass Tennis Courts, Horse Racing Tracks, and Home Lawns, are some of the applications that use this product.  Call or e-mail us, we’ll be happy to provide a list of References, and we’ll provide you our independent testing results.



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